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The Invisionix Vision

The Invisionix Roaming System was first conceived and developed in 2003 as an ambitious project by Ilon Dalon to provide himself with an alternative to the current inflexible operating systems. The goal was to glue together already existing open source applications and utilities in order to develop a comprehensive self-sustaining system, which can be used and enhanced anytime and from anywhere.

While developing the core structure of the system, Ilon Dalon found that existing applications were quite adequate and relatively simple to integrate. He then chose to disseminate the source code as a package, and thus to allow others to adapt and enhance the system for their own personal and professional needs. This will allow the new owner full control of the system, and in effect, it will be her or his personal system to do with as s/he pleases.

The original vision had a number of goals:
  • The system had to have complete portability with the capability of being accessed from the majority of Internet enabled appliances in the world.
  • The system would have top-notch security.
  • The system would be developed with open source in mind.
  • The system would be modular and therefore allowing anyone to totally control and modify the system at will.
  • The system would allow for all modifications to be done remotely via a web browser, thus utilizing and executing on a multitude of hosts with their native system functionality and on the fly.
  • The system would be independent of any software companies.
  • The system would be independent of any specific or dedicated hardware.
  • The system would have practically unlimited storage and processing capabilities.
  • The system would lend itself to vertical market applications.

Imagine a personal computer system you can take with you wherever you go, yet it weighs nothing at all and cannot be seen by the untrained eye. This computer is so discreet that it never needs to be checked by airport security, and you don't have to chain it down for fear of theft and loss of vital data. A computer that does not exist in any recognizable form yet is omnipresent. A computer that can be accessed from anywhere at any time while possessing unlimited processing and storage facilities.
Imagine no more!! The Invisionix Roaming computer Metasystem (IRSR) has finally been released for developers (

Also, check out and download the pre-alpha release of our stand-alone, portable Instant Messenger (IRSIM) (, which boasts to be the only one of its kind using PHP, Javascript, and mySQL. and interacts with ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and Jabber IMs.

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We are in search of developers to join our SourceForge team. If you are interested, have a little creativity and PHP/Javascript programming experience please contact Ilon (project guru) at or Sam (project mgr) at
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